Welcome to Indian Association of Clinical Medicine Indian Association of Clinical Medicine was formed in the year 1992 by two stalwarts of Medicine – Prof. P.K. Wahal and Prof. M.C. Gupta with its Headquarter in Post Graduate Department of Medicine, S.N. Medical College, Agra with following founders:

1. Prof. P.K. Wahal
2. Prof. M.C. Gupta
3. Prof. N.L. Patney
4. Prof. D.K. Hazra
5. Prof. M.M. Singh
6. Dr. S.K. Sharma
7. Dr. B.B. Maheshwari
8. Dr. M.L. Pursnani
9. Dr. A.K. Gupta

The Association was formed with the aim to promulgate the Art of Clinical Medicine in the era of Hitech instrumentation and imaging techniques. This was to encourage the Clinical Medicine to shape out in most disciplined scientific way and to interact and exchange the experience in various sub-specialties of Medicine in the interest of best possible management of patients.

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